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or in Edit Status

Jesse and E, your messages went to the topica list. I don't know how many of us 
still get that, but  E, I 
copied your message and am pasting it here.  I don't know how to translate that 
into normal English, nor 
did my Ph. D., UCLA professor in Communciations husband when I showed it to 
him. He said it's too 
vague -- he'd need more info.I was going to say that whoever is interested in 
reading the book, which 
sounds like a sociology or psych book , or one in itnerpersonal 
communications,would probably 
understand it and not need it translated.

If you tell me the title and author, I can see if the San Diego Public Library 
catalog has summaries and 
reviews for this book. Something from one of those reviews is undoubtedly more 
in "everyday "English.


Does anyone know what the following sentence means?

Michel de Certeau considers the uses to which social 
representation and 
modes of
social behavior are put by individuals and groups.

This was a synopsis for a book.  I simply do not 
understand what the 
sentence means in everyday English.


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