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Hi all,

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Have any of you seen Mayrie's note of a day or two ago about the fact that she hasn't bee receiving most of the mail from these lists? Her mail account is comcast.com (I suppose that's her server, too?) She's asking if anyone has been or did have a similar problem and how you solved it. Please write to her at Mayrie ReNae <mrenae@xxxxxxxxxxx> or post here and I'll forward your advice. All I could think of to tell her was to contact comcast.

Cindy, I wrote her when I saw the msg. Yes, she should contact Comcast.net, but it won't do her much good, coming from an individual.

Part of a list owner's job, one they don't tell you, is that you need to join a list for list owners to keep track of what's going on in the world of discussion lists. I don't know if freelists has such a list, but I believe it does because we got a message on the vrstream list that Comcast was blocking freelists mail. Apparently, it's the old story of we'll block this domain because somebody's complained to us about some mail. Never mind that legitimate mail has to go through. I read Jamey Pauls message in passing, but because I'm not with Comcast, I didn't pay much attention. The upshot of the deal is that Bookshare needs to contact Comcast, not individuals and inform the twits that they are blocking legitimate mail.

Actually, if the listowner does join the freelists owner's list, it is your responsibility to notify your subscribers of this situation. Yeh, what they don't tell you about being a listowner. It's a jolly job I can tell you, it's so fun! Not only do you have to monitor the list, quell disturbances, sub and unsub members, monitor for bouncing or errors that come to you, keep abreast of which ISP's are blocking which domains at any given time and on and on it goes. Oh, yeh, it's so fun! There ought to be a course in it. Actually, I think that ICORS has a decent manual on the subject. I think I have it somewhere in my archives if it hasn't been destroyed in one of my disk crashes. Owning a list is a hard, dirty, thankless, sometimes complicated job. My hat's off to any listowner! As I say, RE the problem at hand, Bookshare, in the person of its lists owner needs to contact Comcast and swell the crowd of irate list owners who are yelling at them about the fact that they're blocking freelists mail. Not much I can say other than that, folks.

If anybody else is having trouble, my advice is to get a second email account and subscribe with that. Mayrie said she didn't have one. <sigh> Spam, it makes our lives so fun!!

Oh, in case you're wondering how come I know so much about this business? I've been a list owner for nigh onto twenty years. Yep, twenty years. Remind me to tell you about The Fat Wars on the server at SJU. Now that, was a real hoodoo!! It happened ten years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday!

Ann P.

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