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Laura Ann,


It's difficult to say how often Marissa's List gets updated.  Gustavo is the
one who generates the list by running queries on the database, and he has
periods where he does it every week or two, and he has periods where he
neglects to do it for a couple of months, or even longer.  The Tech Advisors
continue to ask that it be automated so we can get the info whenever we
want, but that's more involved than just adding the two links for browsing
the new books only in English or only in Spanish, and we haven't yet been
able to get Bookshare to add those links, despite the effort only requiring
a few minutes work.


When Gustavo does take the time to run the queries, he e-mails the info to
Jake, who posts it on his website.








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hi guys,

How often does the Mrissa's list get updated?
and how does it get done?

I am just curious how that part works?

Laura Ann

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