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Yes,  a long dash or m-dash is a prettier version of the old dash-dash. 
But you can't find one directly from the keyboard.  Some programs like MS 
Word, let you encode one by simply typing two dashes.  Yet I do not know 
how a long dash is reproduced in Braille.   but the text 'm-dash' is not 
what the braille decoder should put on a line.


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[bksvol-discuss] m dash

In most of the books that I scan, I notice what says it's an m dash.
It should be the double dash, but this "m dash" when translated to
braille just shows the two words without a space or dash or anything
between them. Is there an m dash on the keyboard, and would I replace
it with two dashes, or would there be a space before and after the two


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