[bksvol-discuss] lost Emails, laddresses, files, books, everything.

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I hope this never happens to you but apparently a worm went nibbling on my 
Windows XP operating system which was suspected but not confirmed untill this 
week when it ate my Print Spool Server - literally half of it was gone 
altogether and the rest was not what it should be.  It took a friendly 
volunteer sending me information and instructions which were excellent and 
saved the Dell tech who finally worked on the problem from having to repeat all 
of them once he learned what I had done.  It should have worked but the correct 
information was not there nor was it in my computer and the worm ate enough, 
causing so much damage that the only way to get rid of it was to empty my hard 
drive and put in all new programs - basically the programs that Windows XP had 
and some of what Dell had put in it but not all of the programs originally 
installed nor any of the  programs I bought or installed later. 

All of my Outlook Express files and folders, including my address book,  were 
gone. All of the emails I had saved were gone. 

You need not worry about mail I send as McAfee is scanning it for viruses. 
Since I lost all of your addresses  - both the bksvols-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
and the other ones many ofyou so kindly shared with me so I could contact you 
on non-shareable subjects and/or ones not necessarily relevant to Bookshare.  
If you are still willing to share these address but don't have time to write 
more now, please send me just an email with the return addresses in the from 
and, if needed, the subject line and that will be enough unless you want to and 
have time to write more.  I know how busy we all are.

My thanks for your understanding,

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