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I understand why not giving away personal credits could be discouraged. I am not talking about that. I am talking about giving someone something toward a subscription using credit cards. I think it might increase the money flow some and not be much trouble to set up.

At 06:57 PM 12/2/2005, you wrote:

I tried a couple of years ago to give my credits to
someone who might need them,but Jesse said it wasn't
possible for two reasons; one wouldn't apply to gift
certificates, but the other was some kind of a
technical transferring problem. Maybe that doesn't
apply any more. I think gift certificates is a great
idea. Mostly what I give my adult children for
Christmas is give certificates to stores where they
usually shop.


--- tom hawkins <tjhawk1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Since it seems that increasing our membership is
> also part of the issue
> maybe a sponsorship using credits earned from
> scanning and validating.
> Perhaps there sighted folks in schools or where ever
> that would recomend
> canidates.  Once a member likely is some of them
> will stick.  Tom
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> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] link for gift subscription
> > What about a link so someone can give you a gift?
> They could give you a
> > renewal of an existing subscription all or in
> part.  Would this be
> > possible using, say, credit cards.  Kind of like
> me buying someone a $20
> > gift certificate at Amazon.  The agreement might
> be that the $20 is to be
> > applied to an account.  Hope this makes sense.  I
> want a way so someone
> > could give someone else $20 or something in case
> the giver does not wish
> > to pay for a whole year's subscription.
> >
> > It might be a fun thing for the community to be
> able to gift each other in
> > that way.  We could send each other gift
> certificates.
> >
> >
> >
> > At 12:34 PM 12/2/2005, you wrote:
> >
> >>Tom,
> >>
> >>Since you're obviously wondering why you as a
> volunteer couldn't be
> >>allowed to help with approvals, let me explain the
> issues.  BTW, You
> >>aren't the first volunteer to wonder about this,
> and certainly won't be
> >>the last.  I had seen this issue brought up
> earlier this year, so I asked
> >>Gustavo the question several months back when I
> began monitoring the list
> >>because I knew it would eventually pop up again
> and wanted to be prepared
> >>if it did.
> >>
> >>Time isn't the issue here.  It's money.  An
> administrator needs to be a
> >>paid employee in order to have accountability.
> Bookshare has legal
> >>obligations to meet every time they add a book to
> the collection.  If an
> >>employee adds books to the collection without
> ensuring that those legal
> >>obligations are met, then they can be held
> accountable.  Volunteers can
> >>not.  There is also the issue that it would
> probably take a considerable
> >>number of books in the collection with incorrect
> titles, authors, or
> >>copyright info before the problem could be
> discovered.  if the problem
> >>gets that far, then Bookshare has a serious
> problem to deal with.  Also,
> >>accountability means possibly losing your job, not
> losing your membership.
> >>
> >>There is also the issue of administrators having
> access to members' and
> >>volunteers' personal information since that info
> is probably kept in the
> >>same database or on the same system.
> >>
> >>As for Gustavo handling the load by himself at
> this time,  He seems quite
> >>capable of doing so, so I wouldn't worry about him
> having to do it all by
> >>himself right now.  There will no doubt come a
> time in the future when he
> >>will no longer be able to carry the load without
> help, and Bookshare will
> >>address that problem when it occurs.  Hopefully
> Bookshare will be in much
> >>better shape financially before that does occur
> and can hire someone who
> >>can not only share in some of the responsibility
> of approving books, but
> >>can act as a volunteer coordinator as well which
> will free up Gustavo and
> >>Janice to focus on all of the other tasks they
> were doing before Marissa
> >>left for graduate school.
> >>
> >>BTW, don't worry about venting on the list.  A
> certain amount of that is
> >>not only expected, but healthy.  It's only a big
> deal when a volunteer
> >>chooses to post about the same problem day after
> day after day.
> >>
> >>HTH
> >>
> >>Gerald
> >>
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> frustrations
> >>
> >>Hi Gerald,  I apologize for venting.  I understand
> the book being kicked
> >>back under the circumstances. I didn't know that
> Gustavo was doing all of
> >>the administrator approvals.But then the question
> remains, Why is Gustavo
> >>trying to carry the entire program on his back?  I
> know money is an issue,
> >>but cirtainly there is some way through some of
> these problems. I don't
> >>have a million to donate, but I do have time.  Is
> there something I can do
> >>to help?  Tom
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> >>Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: venting my
> frustrations
> >>
> >>Tom,
> >>
> >> From what Gustavo has told me, the most common
> error related to filling
> >> out the copyright fields on the submission form
> is entering the publisher
> >> in the copyright name field instead of the
> copyright holder.  Because he
> >> has to kick so many books back due to this error,
> you should always
> >> provide information about the copyright holder in
> the comments field when
> >> the copyright holder turns out to be the
> publisher after all.  In this
> >> instance, I believe it is well worth the trouble
> of verifying the
> >> copyright holder through an internet site like
> >> <http://www.copyright.gov>www.copyright.gov or
> through sighted assistance
> >> then including a comment informing him that you
> have verified that the
> >> copyright is actually the publisher and include
> an explanation of how you
> >> went about verifying it.  If the book isn't a new
> release, then I'd
> >> recommend using the
> <http://www.copyright.gov>www.copyright.gov site
> >> since Gustavo can reference the site if he
> wishes.
> >>
> >>As for opening the book up and looking for
> himself, that isn't always the
> >>most reliable way to verify something as important
> as the copyright
> >>information since the volunteers who are putting
> the publisher in the
> >>copyright name field by accident could have been
> confused enough about
> >>copyright to have changed that line before
> submission.  Granted that it's
> >>unlikely, but if I were in Gustavo's shoes, I
> wouldn't feel comfortable
> >>about trusting the contents of a submission by
> someone who couldn't fill
> >>the form out properly due to a possible lack of
> understanding of
> >>copyright.
> >>
> >>I understand your frustration, but when you take
> into consideration the
> >>number of books Gustavo has actually approved this
> year, it's
> >>understandable if he accidentally kicks one back
> by accident every now and
> >>then.  I'm not sure, but I believe Marissa
> approved a handful of the 4900
> >>books which have been added so far this year.
> Even if she did, I'd
> >>suspect that Gustavo's approved at least 4700 of
> those 4900 books, if not
> >>4850 of them.  With that many books being
> approved, it's bound to happen
> >>since he is always going to err on the side of
> caution since adding a book
> >>to the collection which has incorrect copyright
> information has the
> >>potential to be a more serious problem than
> frustrating a volunteer over
> >>getting their book kicked back by accident.
> >>
> >>BTW, the staff is aware that it would be helpful
> for the system to notify
> >>a volunteer when one of their validations is
> kicked back or accepted.  As
> >>long as Bookshare has limited resources though,
> Engineering will have to
> >>postpone some upgrades which volunteers want in
> order to make improvements
> >>which will have a greater impact on members and
> volunteers.
> >>
> >>Again, I understand your frustration.  I've had a
> book kicked back on me
> >>too, and from what Gustavo and I were able to
> determine, it was due to
> >>nothing more than his approving books when he
> should have been in bed
> >>instead.  My kickback didn't even happen to have a
> note.  It just looked
> >>like Gustavo clicked the wrong button because he
> was tired.
> >>
> >>Gerald
> >>
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> >>Subject: [bksvol-discuss] venting my frustrations
> >>
> >>Hi Everyone,
> >>
> >>Well I' am totally frustrated with bookshare and
> the lack of simple
> >>communication procedures. I spent a great deal of
> time validating a book
> >>to make as near perfect as possible including
> using my wife's time which
> >>she treasures dearly. I went to the step one list
> to see if any of the
> >>Dale Brown books that I submitted nearly three
> months ago  were returned,
> >>only to find the book that I just validated back
> on the step one list and
> >>no communication from bookshare. When I checked
> the notes, the
> >>administrator apparently did not like the
> copyright.
> >>
> >>  Well a publisher  is clearly listed as the
> copyright holder. So now what
> >> does it take to fix the problem! If the
> administrator took a moment to
> >> open the book it clearly states that the
> copyright holder is the
> >> publishing company as listed. Is there some
> special miracle to be
> >> performed? I have decided not to list the
> problems that I encountered
> >> with the web site, as Iwell it seems that the
> designer was a mouse user
> >> and could see what they were doing.
> >>
> >>Tom
> >
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