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Hi, Bob. I think this is probably the issue where there is the most
disagreement among frequent submitters. I think both sides of the issue have
merit and hope I will describe how I do things without making anyone else's
way sound wrong. I always use the correction tool. The Kurzweil default
corrections file has been developed to focus on fixing obvious scannos. I
have added some scannos that I see often, making sure I don't correct words
that shouldn't be. For example, I have a correction for the scanno cornpany
to be replaced with company. I scan books from 3 genres, none of which is
science fiction. So the chances are very good that cornpany is not going to
be someone's name. On the other hand, I can't use the corrections file for
the word die to be replaced with the because die is a real word and is often
used correctly in books. So while the tool has the potential to cause
trouble, it can also do a lot of heavy lifting for you if you tend to scan
books within specific genres or by certain publishers. If you work on a wide
range of books or scan a lot of science fiction or fantasy books, you may
want to leave the correction tool turned off because of the made-up words
commonly found in those genres. 

If you are reading this and use Openbook, there are a few corrections you
might want to delete from Openbook's default correction list. This only
applies to Openbook. Remove the tom for torn, glock for clock, modem for
modern, and bum for burn entries because they actually replace legitimate

I usually scan mysteries, business books, and nonfiction. Here is a list of
my favorite corrections that save me time. Openbook users can use these too.

Tbis for this
Cbapter for chapter
Diere for there
Diemselves for themselves
Dirough for through
Dioroughly for thoroughly
Tuming for turning
Buming for burning
Cornpany for company
Cornfortable for comfortable
Thc for the
Tbe for the
Diink for think
Thcse for these

I hope this is helpful. Please speak up if this seems confusing or if you
think I missed something important.

Monica Willyard
"The best way to predict the future is to create it." -- Peter Drucker

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