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I just submitted the Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman.
When Jane Hudson returns to her high school alma mater, the
Heart Lake School for Girls, as a Latin teacher, tragic events of the past 
begin to resurface. Twenty years earlier at Heart Lake, roommates Jane, Lucy
and Deirdre were inseparable. They studied the classics together under the 
tutelage of the mesmerizing Helen Chambers, sneaking out for midnight skinny
dipping in the lake and meeting Lucy's brother, Matt, in the sheltered woods of 
the campus. Their clandestine friendship ended in the winter of senior
year, amid scandal and suicide. Only Jane knows the truth behind the mystery of 
Matt and the other girls' deaths and now, two decades later, the secret
comes back to haunt her: someone has found her missing journal, written during 
that tragic time, and begins a macabre re-enactment of the past. When one
of Jane's troubled young students is found dead in the frigid waters of Heart 
Lake, an apparent suicide, the school board suspects Jane is the harmful
influence. The dark and shocking secrets of Jane's adolescence, revealed 
gradually in flashbacks, progressively absorb the reader until the final 
denouement. Sexual rites, pagan rituals and forbidden love all come together in 
this deft exploration of youthful innocence and guilt.

Book blog:
I have accepted a seat in the House of Representatives, and thereby have 
consented to my own ruin, to your ruin, and to the ruin of our children. I give
you this warning that you may prepare your mind for your fate.
John Adams
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