[bksvol-discuss] just submitted the Dead don't dance by Charles Martin

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 01:59:07 -0500

        I just submitted
The Dead Don't Dance by Charles Martin.

from the back book cover

A sleepy rural town in South Carolina. The end of summer and a baby about to be born. But in the midst of hope and celebration comes unexpected tragedy, and Dylan Styles must come to terms with how much he?s lost. Will the music of his heart be stilled forever?or will he choose to dance with life once more, in spite of sorrow and heartbreak? The Dead Don?t Dance is a bittersweet yet triumphant love story?a tale of one man's spiritual journey through the darkness of despair and into the light of hope.

I read this book through in its entirity and removed any scan errors.
Its in excellent shape.

The story was incredible and I really enjoyed the book.
I will scan and submit Maggie the sequel to this book sometime soon.

Laura Ann

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