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I grabbed it - I'm VERY interested in this!!

Thanks Shane,


Shane Christenson <drummershane@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: Hi listers. I've just 
submitted Roadshow, A 
Landscape With Drums, A Concert tour by 
motorcycle. Yes, that's one title. It's sure to 
be a fantastic read for those interested. Whoever 
validates this one shouldn't have a problem.



Here's what some critics have said about the book.

Praise for Roadshow by Neil Peart

"In this unique travelogue, Peart leverages his 
considerable literary penmanship to describe the 
joys and rigors of a rock tour as well as his 
impressions of the politics, social mores, and 
cultural heterogeneity he encounters across 
states and nations. As Peart travels for his art, 
he perfectly describes the art of travel."
­Christian Science Monitor

"Peart has by now created his own genre­the 
existentialist travel guide. ... His intellectual 
and, dare I say it, spiritual wanderlust elevate 
his prose writing toward the sublime. . . . Peart 
has a reporter's eye and a poet's heart, and in 
Roadshow, the twain have met to eloquent effect."
­The Buffalo News

"[Peart] narrates clearly with a mix of passion 
and critical detachment that serves his subjects 
well. ... His unique commute . . . offers 
insights into the land, the people that inhabit 
it and, not least, himself. It's a hell of a journey."
­The Hartford Courant

"Peart uses spare, dynamic prose to explore human 
relationships in work and friendship, love and grief."
­Pittsburgh City Paper

"Roadshow is Peart's strongest literary 
contribution yet. . . . Inspirational and 
entertaining ... a must read for all who value 
adventure, relationships, and humor. . . . The 
memorable and real events are exciting, 
thrilling, scary, happy, and sad­retold with 
captivating and vivid description. ... As a 
transmission of life philosophy and values . . . 
the author tells his story powerfully, yet subtly."
­BMW Owners News

More praise for Roadshow by Neil Peart

"A thoughtful, fascinating and at times hilarious 
read, for Neil Peart is a true man of letters. . 
. [with] extraordinary gifts as a story teller. 
... It is his unabashed enthusiasm for life and 
his thirst for knowledge­all knowledge­that touched me the most."
­Jim Ladd, KLOS Los Angeles

"A real great read not only for rock fans, but 
for anyone who wants a tour of the American 
landscape in the words of one of music's greatest 
drummers and lyricists. Neil takes the reader on 
a great ride that is not to be missed." ­Eddie 
Trunk, VH1 VJ, and host of the syndicated radio show Eddie Trunk Rocks

"Neil Peart straps us in the sidecar for a 
thrilling travelogue that takes us from behind 
the music and out on a Roadshow you'll never forget!"
­Music Connection

"Consistently funny . . . Roadshow has many light-hearted moments."
­Cleveland Free Times

"Neil rides a motorcycle to Rush concert events 
and writes about his en-route experiences on two 
wheels with the same heart that defines his drumming."
­Motorcycle Mojo

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