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I just took it for u, Laura Ann. U submit cool books! I validated
chairman when Sue couldn't as well. Becoming a team here lol! Your
taste in reading materials is, imo, awesome!

Usually I do Bookshare stuff on Sundays but this Sunday I'm worship
leader at church in the morning & in the afternoon am 1 of 2 church
elders helping out w/a service at a senior center. So this Sunday I'm
busier than a cat on a hot tin roof. Thus it'll take a little longer
than I'd like to finish it, but, o, well. U keep submittin those cool
Christian fiction books & I'll validate 'em if some1 doesn't get there
1st lol lol! I've also got a 2-volume set I need to get scanning. I
wish my days could somehow be 36 hours. Why is it that being blind
makes everything take longer, but we don't get additional time to
compensate? O, well--seems to be my litany of choice lately.

Take care & blessings.

On 8/1/08, Laura Ann Grymes, LMT <agape.wellness.massage@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I just uploaded
> Eyes of Elisha
> by
> Brandilyn Collins
> Chelsea Adams lives in the fast-paced Silicon Valley area of
> California. She is devoted wife to Paul, who is a successful
> entrepreneur, and mother to their
> two sons. Chelsea is a Christian with the unusual gift of visions.
> These insights from God have helped her pray for people and have led
> her to save others
> from harm. But never has she experienced a vision like the one she
> "sees" during a business dinner with her husband and their
> prospective new vice-president
> of marketing, Gavil Harrison. Invited to dinner to check out the new
> prospect, Chelsea goes into a spiritual state in which she sees the
> murder of a young
> woman. After the vision, when she comes back to consciousness, she
> looks into Gavil's eyes and experiences a terrifying moment of
> recognition: she's certain
> that he's the killer she saw. But who will believe her? Certainly not
> her non-Christian husband, who wants to hire this man to work by his
> side. Nor the
> police, who must rely on hard evidence. Only one person might believe
> her-the murderer himself. There are plenty of twists and turns of
> plot right up to
> the end of this edge-of your-seat thriller.
> Chelsea Adams Series book 1

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