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Just submitted as a RTF file,

Storm Warning
Jack Higgins

All the pages are present, and this book had no headers or footers to begin with. I also checked for all the usual garbage characters.

The following is the short synopsis:

Jack Higgins' version of "A Perfect Storm" World War II style. Enemies come together to fight Mother Nature rather than each other.

Long synopsis:

Eric Berger: A loyal German naval officer, he was
torpedoed and rescued by a Portuguese freighter. Now, in
Germany's darkest days, he's sailing a 19th-century ship
from Brazil into the fires of war-for a chance to see his
children again.
Paul Gericke: The small German U-boat ace was a
warrior's warrior. Ordered on a suicidal mission against
the Royal Navy, he is taken prisoner-but his enemies
may not be able to hold him.
Harry Jago: A Yale dropout, he fought on PT boats in the
Pacific and survived at Omaha Beach. Now he's twenty-five
 going on fifty, and headed for a mission that will
change his life.
Janet Munro: A beautiful, tough-talking American doctor,
 she has seen the worst of London's bombing terror.
But when a Navy man gets her involved in a prisoner-of-war
 detail, she's facing a new side of war.


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