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  • Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 17:33:26 -0400

Hi Elizabeth and Volunteers,

Just to keep myself occupied while I await an answer to my validation question, I'll take a moment to echo Elizabeth's declaration that she's working for the joy of books more than the credit. If my ability to belong to book share depended upon the credits I earned, I'd use them for my membership with a clear conscience. Though I never was or will be wealthy, I can afford the bookshare membership. I used to subscribe to print magazines I could read at the cost of a headache per one or two pages. Now that print appears like a grey smear, so I've let my subscriptions to magazines like, Family Circle, Ireland, Country Music and Knitting, in print lapse, and there, is my 50 dollars for bookshare and my silver lining to not being able to see print any more.

I'll donate my credits to book share, once a year. I only hope my account will contain at least enough money to fund more than five minutes of a paid staffer's time. hahahahah

When my first validation appears in the collection, I'll be able to count myself as a real book share volunteer and I'll be proud to be one of you.

Always With Love,



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