[bksvol-discuss] instructions on reference guide that i reseaved from the list

  • From: angel <angel.murphy83@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2012 13:37:26 -0500

Hello all. I reseaved a reference guide from off the list of what to do while I 
am proofreading a book. But as I read the guide. There r 2 steps that r not 
completed. An they r steps 11. An  15. An I also need step 3 c  explained. An 
step 4 also explained. Here is what they all say. 
3c.  Read through all preliminary pages and correct all "scannos".

4.  Change Section Breaks to Page Breaks

With most scanned books, the OCR will insert Section Breaks between the pages 
of text, instead of Page Breaks.  Change Section Breaks to Page Breaks as 

^p  is the symbol for a Paragraph Mark  (aka a Carriage Return)
^m  is the symbol for a Page Break

Open the Find and Replace dialogue by typing:
control + h

In the Find box type:
(caret and lower case b)

In the Replace box type:

Replace All.

This will also result in each page break having a blank line above and below it.
Please note:
-  All blank lines will be removed after you upload your finished proof.
-  However, the blank lines here can be of help
   when a Bookshare Quality Control person checks your proof.

11.  Reconnect words broken across page breaks

Examine the first word on each page to be sure that it is a complete word. If 
not, reconnect hyphenated words that have become broken across page breaks, so 
that the complete word exists only on one page.

An easy way to search for these is to open the Find and Replace dialogue by 

control + h

In the Find box, type:
(a hyphen, a caret, and a lower case letter p)

Correct each instance that you find.

15.  Individually correct all instances of line feeds

Scanning programs may insert Manual Line Breaks (aka Line Feeds), which should 
really be a paragraph mark, or just a space between words.

 There is no way to automatically determine how to correct these.  Each one 
should be found and then corrected individually based on what you find.  To 
find them:

In the Find box type:
(a caret followed by a lower case letter l)

Then correct each instance you find.

An another thing that I would like to know is. I have a usb numpad. An when I 
am reading threw the pages. With the page down key. How do I git jaws to figure 
out if there is anything on that page? If someone can please git back with me 
with the answers to my questions I would grately appreciate it. Thank u.

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