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It is faster to scan since a human being can go do something else while the images are being recognized.

At 10:48 AM 1/4/2005, you wrote:

Is there an advantage to scanning a book to images and then recognizing the
entire book after it's been scanned as opposed to scanning and recognizing
each page as it's scanned?

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> Is there a way to scan but not recognize several books at one sitting and > have each set of images saved in a separate file for later recognizing. If > so, please explain how and how the recognized file would be saved to disk > once the images were recognized for each book. I am sure this is in the > manual somewhere but asking is quicker. > > Yes I have read the manual and plan to re-read it. > > A second question. I notice some of you seem to use gray-scale and 400 dpi > even when the optimizing feature does not suggest it. Please comment and > comment on how to find out which gives the best statistics. How do I clear > my recognision statistics between books? > > E. > > > > >

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