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If you have ever looked at the HTML behind a clickable link on a web page
you will find instructions to the browser that starts out <a href=. The
HTML code itself is neither visible or readable but it does something to
the text that is enclosed by it.

In the same way the new method of adding image descriptions hides the text
of the description until you want to hear or see it. It is there hidden in
the code but doesn't disrupt the flow of the book or distract the new
reader like our current approach. The current approach surrounds the image
description in square brackets that cannot be skipped by your reader.
[Imagine that this is an image description.]



On 7/26/11 12:39 PM, "Charisma" <wishfulfish@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I hope I don't need to know any of that because I didn't understand it
>at all--not you, it is my brain balking at new information.
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