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This is how to use rank spelling. It exists in k1000 and only in k1000. It can be used on a file of any format. That is, it workk on kes doc rtf and txt files. Here are the steps.

TGo to tools. By the way, before you use rank spelling, up arrow once and hit enter on automatic corrections. When that is over, up arrow once more and let k1000 do its rank spelling. It will come up with a number, a list or words, and how often each word appears. Also it will often give you suggestions for the possible misspelled word. Several commands are useful here. I know they exist in version 8 and above. control-x reads the context. From that you can often decide if the suggested replacement makes sense. If it does, hit control-r and it will be used. Or tab over once more and hit replace all for replacing all occurrances of the misstake. When done with the list, hit apply corrections and the rank will be re-calculated. When all through, hit ok and control-s to save the fixed document. It is sort of amusing to find out if you can vastly raise the score. You begin to find patterns though none of them are mystical for me so far (grin).

In version 9 you can hit control-e on a word and it will take you there so you can edit it on the fly and find out the text surrounding it to get an idea of what to do. Hope this helps.

Do I think folks with rank spelling could be encouraged to run it before submitting scans? Yes. For one thing, if you have the print book you can do correcting better than a validator can later. For another, I sometimes spend hours with rank spelling and if you cannot optimize at least please get an idea of the patterns of errors. It may give you an idea of what to do to get a better scan. For instance, you could scan twenty pages or so and then run rank spelling before scanning the whole book. It might help. I am a big believer in reading the first few pages of a scan.


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