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Hi Lisa,

I do take your comments in the spirit in which they're given, I just don't necessarily agree with them.

Dave says: 2. for a vallidator with specific interest in the project;
Lisa says: Yes, and I think this is a perfectly legitimate reason. For example, I volunteered to validate Julie's book about dogs from the Iams company. Why? Because I like dogs, and so the subject is relevant to me. Julie posted to the list asking for volunteers and I responded. She didn't have to pick me, ...

Dave's new comment
I would expect in most cases validators pick books that are of interest to them and try to do a good job with them. The problem I have is with the pick me concept, and once again we're back dealing with the list.

Dave says: 3. for the submitter's assurance that the book will be picked up in a
timely manner;
Lisa says: And what's wrong with this? We have had books on Step 1 for over a year. If a submitter knows in advance that someone is interested in validating a book encompassing specialized subject matter, I see nothing wrong with having a validator's name listed, since that book will be validated and hopefully added to the collection in a more timely manner. ...

Dave's new comment
It doesn't really change the dynamics of the step 1 page. We continue to have books that have been on there for over a year, we have books with hold for in the title that have been on for months at a time, and all it does is preclude others from downloading a work. By posting to the list, an is anyone interested kind of message is fine, all it does is assure that there is someone willing to validate the book. If when the time comes to validate, and the book can't be found, then apparently someone else was interested as well and it will end up in the same collection regardless of who validates it. Excluding the cases where a sighted validator is needed, all the hold for can do as far as time goes is slow the process down because you're now waiting for a specific individual.

Lisa Says:
think it's being selfish or elitist for a submitter and a validator to form an alliance in which books are submitted, validated, and published on Bookshare. As submitters and validators, we should have some say so over what we submit and validate.

Dave's next comment
From my view that special relationship you mention between submitter and validator comes across as a clique. As a submitter you certainly have a say over what you submit. You can either submit it, or not submit it. As a validator you can pick a book, or move on to another. Adding hold for, is exclusionary in a volunteer organization that should rather be shooting for inclusion.

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