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  • From: "Patti Johnson" <razz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 18:12:35 -0500

I went to my library today and asked for the book Tammy Tell Me True by C.R. Sumner. They said at first they would have to do an interlibrary loan, which they have done before for me but didn't know if they could find the book. I had another question and was referred to some one else, an while in her office the gentleman at the front desk came in and said he had found my book and will let me know when he gets it from the main library. I am excited, I plan on scanning this book and sending it to Bookshare. I read it in college and it is a very funny book, and is what the Tammy movies were based on, that Sandra Dee starred in, if you all remember those. Just thought I'd mention that I found it and will be scanning and sending it as soon as I can.

Me and my guide dog;
He does a good job,
He keeps me safe
So life is just great
For me and my guide dog.

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