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Ok That sounds like a plan. Thanks so much.

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HI Denise,

Actually, typing in the author's name won't always work. This is because, when the publishers create a header, there are unspecified amounts of white space, before, after, and sometimes within the header. Here is what I suggest, and do regularly.

Select all of the text on the line except the page number. If the page number is at the left end of the line, place your cursor directly after the page number and press shift+end. This selects the entire line, except for the page number. Now, press control+h to open the find and replace dialogue. You will see that in the "find" box is the text that you selected. Leave that as it is. In the replace box type nothing. Tab to "replace all" and press enter. That should get rid of all instances of the header in this format. Remember to check the box for case sensitivity.

If the page number is at the right end of the line, place your cursor immediately to the left of the page number. Press shift+home. This selects all of the text to the left of the page number. Now do the find and replace process exactly as described above. And you are good to go!

Sometimes, as I'm sure you know, headers don't all scan perfectly. So, you may have to do the find and replace process more than once as you find headers sprinkled throughout the book, but this will get rid of the majority of headers and leave page numbers where they belong.

Good luck! And let us know how it goes, okay? And ask again if you still have questions.


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Is there any quick way to get rid of the authors name at the top of each page or bottom where ever it appears without going through and deleting it individually? The problem is at least in the books I've done the page number is there also and I don't want to get rid of that, but I guess I could renumber the pages after the other is done. This would be in word. Maybe I just answered my own question. Get rid of the authors name with find and replace with nothing then number the pages again if they get messed up. Actually I just realized that if I only write in the authors name it won't bother the numbers. Duh. Well thanks for helping me figure this out by listening to me ramble.

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Hey Folks,

I seem to recall reading somewhere, quite a long time ago, that there was a feature in MS Word that would allow you to select a portion of text and make it all upper-case. Now it may be that I'm just wishful thinking here, and that my memory is playing tricks on me; but I would really like this feature if it is available.

Sometimes, it seems that my K1000, using the FineReader OCR engine, which I otherwise prefer generally over the ScanSoft engine, will recognize text that is in all caps, but only capitalize the first letter of each word, or none of it at all. Rather than have to retype the text in all caps, which I have had to do, it would be nice to just be able to select it and make it all caps.

Anyone know if this capability actually exists, or did I just make it up because I really want it?

Thanks for any help with this.


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