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Definitely. (smile)

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HI Denise,

Congratulations! Glad the find and replace worked! And no hand typing page numbers is nice, isn't it?


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I followed your suggestion Mayrie of putting the cursor by the page number and then doing the control H. There were tabs in the header so doing like you said picked that up and it worked great. Thanks everyone for your ideas. I checked the book back in and within a half an hour got the email saying it was aprooved. I was shocked that it was looked at and accepted so quickly.


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A link and a book thought some of y'all might want to check out.
Perhaps some of you have this already, but this is the definitive book all about snow that Nolan Doesken and Arthur Judson co-authored back in the mid 1990s that is now on its second printing. You can find out a lot about what is in the book, plus quite a few facts about snow on the following website:


This is definitely worth checking out if you haven't already, or don't have this book. Full of facts and figures, how to measure snow, records of snowfalls, geography of snow here in the United States, where it snows a lot, where it doesn't snow much, etc.

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