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  • Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 12:52:06 -0600

I unpacked the book with the unpacked tool from bookshare and when it says do 
you want to open the book now then victor reader opens the book but after it 
says book loaded internet exployer says it can't display the page or it can't 
find it i guess it is saying and to refresh the page or check your settings, 
acting as if i am on the web instead of just open a book. I know I used to be 
able to put in my password with jurzweil and it would open the book but after i 
put in my password kurzweil won't open it because it can't find the format or 
it doesn't reconize it. I'm not a techy so can't explain it that well so Peter 
I hope I did okay, after open the book though, kuurzweil reconizes the 
extentions but for example, it converts the XML extention to RTF automatically.
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      Sorry, but I have no record of you asking this question in the Support 
archives.  Are you trying to use Kurzweil to open a BKS file that's on your 
hard drive?  If so, that won't work.  What happens if you use the Online 
feature in Kurzweil to retrieve and open the book?  Does that work?  If you 
just click or hit Enter on an XML file, Windows will bring up Explorer by 
default.  You'll have to use the Open With Application command from the context 
menu if you want it to open some other way.  Also, the proper way to open a 
DAISY book in Kurzweil, if the book is unpacked, is to use Kurzweil's Open 
function to open the file with the .OPF extension.  If you want Victor Reader 
to open the book, you should have the full book, all four files for DAISY, in 
the same directory, and once you launch Victor, it will pick them up via its 
Bookshelf function.
      If you can be specific about how you want to read the books, I can be 
specific about how to go about doing it.

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    Subject: [bksvol-discuss] have a little problem

    I just downloaded some new books and kurzweil can't openthem because it 
doesn't reconize the format, when i try the bookshare unpack it opens but after 
bring up victor reader it cqancels the action in internet exployer. Now the 
files are there and it reconizes XML in the extention but it just don't wan to 
open it in kurzweil, just started having this problem today, any ideas, I can 
write support but have written them in the past but they never answer back.

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