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  • Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 14:18:09 -0800 (PST)

Hi jake
  How are you?Thanks for your information.So far  I found 1s in two places. Pl. 
look book page number 6. The word smile in first line has a 1 and the word 
voice in 2nd line has 1.I edited them .Initially the letter 'i 's refuse to 
change. Later I managed to get rid of the 'i's.
  Coming to page 146 page does this page end with word more.Is there any period 
after the word more?
  Coming to other page 146 which should be 148 does this page start like this  
  we were there,"Frank.... and end like this Almost two hundred dollars.
  Just to make sure ,I am asking these questions.Thanks for your time and 
support. devi
  Jake Brownell <jabrown@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
          Hello Devi,
  Yes, that page number was simply incorrect, I missed it in reviewing the book.
  I generally do a search for a 1 surrounded by spaces in an attempt to catch 
1's in the place of I's. When I just did that now I didn't find anything wrong, 
so I did a search just for 1
  I didn't find any that were not supposed to be there. If you have specific 
pages I can try and review them for you.
  If you have any other questions that require the print book, please feel free 
to write to me jabrown@xxxxxxxxx which is the same email I put in the comments 
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  Dear Jamie
  I have picked the Hardy boys . It is good. But when  I went through the pages 
it is ok from page 1 to 147. Then I see 146. I guess this should be 148. The 
matter in this page is different from the other 146. Then from 149 to end is 
ok. I do not have the print copy. Should I reject it or if  anyone has a print 
copy can they check this out please.
  Also I find 1 instead of i and I tried to edit it. It is not working.Can you 
help please help?
  As you have said, if they list the category of books in step 1 it would be 
easy for us to decide on the book.Maybe, bookshare may consider this point in 
future listings.  
  I am taking you to be my guru, when I pick books from the list. Thanks for 
your time and support . Take care devi

Jamie Yates <jamieyates@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Devi, that's great! One thing, as a volunteer, I wish
that the step 1 list could also list the category of
the books. Once I picked a book that I thought sounded
neat because of the title and it was, well, not
exactly something I wanted to read!

I know bookshare has many more issues that need fixed
and resolved before they could get to a point where
the category could be put on the step 1 page.

There is a Hardy Boys book on the step 1 page. That
will be a lot longer than the Dear Brother book, but
it is a young adult children's book.

I did not see any other books that I recognized right
off as a short children's book.

Jamie in Michigan 
Books gone wild.... http://www.bookcrossing.com/referral/jamieyates

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  Devi ramaseshan
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Devi ramaseshan

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