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Here's another February birthdayer. I turned 87 on Feb 7. I still feel and act like a kid sometimes.

BudAt 09:45 AM 2/8/2010, you wrote:
And Jamie's birthday is on the 15th.
Meka's birthday is indeed on Thursday.

And, I'm sorry I made you hint, I just forgot to say again. My birthday is on the 20th.

So, happy birthday all of the February babies!


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I think Bookshare turns 8 years old this month!
And today is birthday happy wishes for Doug Maples.
I am pretty sure that Meka's birthday is on Thursday.
I think Ann P's birthday might be tomorrow on the 9th.
Dilsia's birthday is this month too, though I haven't seen her around in a while, on the 16th I think. And Mayrie's birthday is this month though I can never remember which day and despite hinting all the time, she doesn't tell me which day, grin.

With all these celebrations we should also take a minute to remember Gustavo, who passed away three years ago.

Jamie in Michigan

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