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  • Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 00:43:56 -0800 (PST)

I've copied and  pasted Carrie's new guidelines onto a
Word document and put it into my bookshare folder so I
have it to refer to. I don't think they plan to go
back and change everything, though. They probably mean
to do it from now on.

Funny coincidence--something on Jeopardy tonight
referred to Harry Truman's middle initial and said
that sometimes he put a period after the S and
sometimes he didn't. 

> P.S.  Maybe all of us should have a copy of the new
> instructions.  In case
> some of the policies have been changed such as the
> one today saying text
> could be converted to RTF.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Carrie Karnos
> To: Bookshare Vol Group
> Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2005 5:07 PM
> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] guidelines for submission
> fields - first draft
> After perusing the download list, it appears that we
> are desperately
> in need of some guidelines about what to enter in
> the submission fields,
> especially the author's name.
> So, with permission from Marissa and Gustavo, here
> are guidelines for
> entering:
> The title of the book-
>   This one's pretty easy, although occasionally the
> title on the cover
>   of the book will be different from the title
> inside.  Try checking the
>   copyright page, to see what the official title is.
> The author of the book-
>   This one is horrendously messy, so it's been
> divided into several
>   sections.
>   A) For each author's name, please
>     1) put the first name first and the last name
> last
>     Wrong: Ahl, Allison       Right: Allison Ahl
>     2) drop all titles, honorifics, occupations,
> degrees, etc.
>     Wrong: Dr. Bart Ball      Right: Bart Ball
>     Wrong: Clara Crawl, MSW   Right: Clara Crawl
>     Wrong: Senator Dee Dahl   Right: Dee Dahl
>     Exception: if the title is part of the official
> name, leave it in
>     Wrong: Seuss              Right: Dr. Seuss
>     3) drop all commas inside a name
>     Wrong: Fred Fall, Jr.     Right: Fred Fall Jr.
>     4) keep periods after initials and Jr.
>     Wrong: Gigi G Gall        Right: Gigi G. Gall
>     5) put a space between initials
>     Wrong: H.H. Hall          Right: H. H. Hall
>   B) For multiple authors, please
>     1) for each name, follow the guidelines above
>     2) separate each name with a comma, not 'and' or
> '&' or '/'
>     Wrong: J. James and J. Jones  Right: J. James,
> J. Jones
>     Wrong: Kay & Ken Kent     Right: Kay Kent, Ken
> Kent
>     Wrong: James/Jones/Kent   Right: J. James, J.
> Jones, Ken Kent
>     3) do not use 'Va rious' or 'et al' or 'others'
> as an author, list all
> of the authors
>     Wrong: Various            Right: B. Bell, D.
> Dell, F. Fell, G. Gell
>     Wrong: James et al.       Right: J. James, J.
> Jones, Ken Kent
>   C) For editors, compilers, adapters, translators,
> etc., please
>     1) spell out his/her function after each name
>     Wrong: L. Lay, M. May (editors)  Right: L. Lay
> (editor), M. May (editor)
>     Wrong: Nan Nall (Comp)    Right: Nan Nall
> (compiler)
>     Wrong: Edited by Olive Owl Right: Olive Owl
> (editor)
>     Wrong: Trans. Peter Paul  Right: Peter Paul
> (translator)
>   D) If the author's name is missing, please
>     1) use the editors of the company that put out
> the book
>     Wrong: None               Right: The Editors at
> the Walt Disney Company
> The copyright author of the book-
>   This one's also pretty easy, except for those
> cases where there is no
>   copyright author listed.  In that case, use the
> author's name. Don't
>   use the publisher's name, unless the company holds
> the copyright.
> The copyright date-
>   If there are several copyright dates of the book
> (NOT the copyright of
>   the introduction or the illustrations or the short
> stories), then use
>   the most recent date.
> If you can think of anything else to mention, please
> let me know and I'll
> revise the list.  Maybe we can include the
> guidelines in our instructions to
> newbie volunteers.
> Carrie
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