[bksvol-discuss] Re: good weather to stay home and validate books

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Changing the ribbons was always a fun, neat experience. No such thing as a cartridge, just a nice clean ink soaked tape. I had 2 old Underwoods that also just about took a hammer to get the letters dark enough when the ribbon started getting old. I guess that part didn't really matter though, as they were so heavy you ended up looking like the Incredible Hulk if you had to tote them around much. I do however sort of wish I still had 1 as a conversation piece if nothing else. They would probably be like old 78 records and a turntable for kids to be amazed at.


At 12:06 AM 12/11/2007, you wrote:
Worse than that is getting almost to the end of a page
when writing a term paper and having to retype it
because you can't have erasure marks or cross-out and
there was no such thing as whiteout erasure tape--and
even later when there was it was too messy and
everything had to be typed.

But I'm not so old that I had to type in the cold,
Bob. We always had heat--grin.


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