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  • Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008 01:31:26 -0400

Dear Booksharian Friends,

This is mostly for the newer volunteers who are considering the suggestion to read books through as well as use the spell checker or ranked spelling.

For fun, when I have time, I've kept samples of scannoes which wouldn't be caught by the spell checker because they are words. Mistakes like this can only be caught as you read them in context and realize they don't make sense. A couple of short, funny posts are at the bottom. Most of you have seen this before so please skip it.

Always with love,


Café au hit for café au lait, it said - - - "her café au hit face was.

Dipped for clipped

Bed for Ben

Tool for fool

Size for she

dung for clung

Blackboard for Blackbeard

flied chicken for fried chicken

immigration  for imagination

Expired for expected

Snouted for Shouted

Yam for yarn

Yams for yarns

Babe for bake

To His Most Christian Majesty Charles 1% of France


To His Most Christian Majesty Charles IX of France

Rather for father

Hastening for Fastening

Start for Stan

Wedderbum for Wetterburn, a name

Bad for had

Slot for Slut

Tiding for riding

Stating for staring

Stared for started

'Don't talk in fiddles,' for 'Don't talk in riddles.'

Fight for right

Ball for half

Stating for staring

Easter for Faster

Ken I for Keri

Dries for countries

Be for he

Unfired for untired

Nearly neatly

dose close

ear for car

Eraser for Fraser

pore for pom

morn for mom

comer for corner

die for the

Bookshare isn't in the E salvage business

from Guido

Scanning ergonomics advice

I find it easiest to use my foot, but obviously only with my own books. *grin*
--Elisabeth Cyson

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