[bksvol-discuss] from liz in Portland, also signing off

  • From: "liz halperin" <lizzersagain@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <maithe007@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 17:52:57 -0800

Maithe, Just as your post came in I was on version 3 of "I'm leaving the
lists." Still don't have a version I like, but am almost there anyway. It's
a time sucker, no matter how I filter the threads, digest or not, delete
away, amongst other issues. But then I think I'd lose out on finding
validators, whether books are being already scanned, etc. Then I remember
that I functioned perfectly fine for about 3 years without being on this
list and still scanning away. Now all this about twittering is yet more time
sucking. And all that without even spending time on the Friends of BS pages!

Yeah, that's it. Just too much--I'd rather be scanning and reading and
editing. If something major happens, it'll show up on the Bookshare home
page. Well, this note to you just became my farewell post itself, smile.
I'll be unsubbing in the morning, so I can follow some threads tonight. 

Y'all know where to find me: in Portland with GDB puppy guide extraordinaire

Liz Halperin at lizzersagain@xxxxxxxxxxx

Liz Halperin
Portland, OR

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