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I apoligize if some of you thought I was criticising Judy,
I was not.
I thought most the scan was good but just had a problem with the one page so posted here to try to see how to handle it since there wasn't an way for me to contact her posted with the submission.

I hope I handled it correctly.
I didn't mean to stir up problems here.

and back to my other thought, so this list is visible then to the public if employers can search out our previous search?

That is a huge concern to me that just anyone can get our post with our emails from the list archives.
I don't feel this is real safe and its a concern.

Laura ann

At 10:16 AM 6/26/2008, you wrote:
I agree with Shannon. If I were this person or others that have been discussed on this list, I wouldn't join or help either. maybe they are afraid of sarcastic comments. Please remember, although one can't necessarily respond, one can read the posts on-line sometimes. Also consider this, employers often do internet searches on potential employees and lists like this one are very interesting to them... Or so I've heard. My sister is a manager and she says e-mail is a very interesting way to view future employees.
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