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Yes, it was a good wholesome book and had a very good message and was well done. I enjoyed the characters in the book and think teens will enjoy the story and also be encouraged. The next book looks to be about eating disorders and racial prejudice was addressed in a prior book and I am curious what else.
Its a neat series.
Laura Ann

At 08:20 PM 6/25/2008, you wrote:
You did the best you could, Laura, and your explanation is appreciated. It is too bad that none of us could find the book in our libraries. It's part of a series and seems to be, from reading the synopsis on Amazon, if n ot Christian fiction, and least good wholesome fiction wherein a girl finds her self-worth via the help of her prayer group.

When I run into a lot of omitted "ings" and such, I write in the long synopsis that there is dialect or slang, just to warn people. smile


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