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I validated and corrected many mistakes.
I read the entire book.
Page 160 needed a rescan but we couldn't reach the scanner...Judy Jones .I was told to upload it and so I did. It does have phrases in spanish and some words that don't have ing but in I had been told and read in the volunteer manual not to correct spelling from the author but leave it the way the author wrote it.
So I left it to the best I could.

I spent hours on the book and corrected all the contracted words that had a w in place of n and
removed //// and other characters by hand.
It also had ^ that I removed and so on.
I corrected scanning errors but left the book the way it appeared to be written.

I would guess since it had one bad page in it that that is why it ended up being good quality instead of excellent. When I uploaded it it had an excellent rating but whoever did admin work on it must have down graded it due to the one bad page ....we tried to find the book, Cindy checked her library for me and some others here on the list also checked to find it and I checked my library but it was not available. Carrie tried to help me as well but we couldn't reach the scanner since there is no email address in the notes in the validation part where the person submitted it.

I took the book because I noticed it had been on step one and was near the bottom and thought we were suppose to be working to clear off step one and clean up books.
I feel I did a good job on the book.
I finished it a couple weeks ago but was waiting to see if anyone at bookshare had a way to reach the submitter. Today we decided to upload the book and I was under the impression it would be all right.
Minimal loss to the story occurs due to the one page being a bad scan.
I was able to correct the rest.

I thought I was going beyond what bookshare volunteer manual requested and have worked hard on my validations.

Laura Ann

At 11:26 AM 6/25/2008, you wrote:
I notice this book
Friends Don't Let Friends Date Jason
just got added to the new books list.

It has a less than excellent rating. Does anyone know whether slang or something might explain this rating?

I am concerned on two levels when I find books with less than excellent ratings.

On the first level, I am particularly concerned when these books are meant for a child or teenager. Learning good reading and spelling is part of education. Having to work with less than excellent material makes braille learning, spelling learning and good reading more difficult.

On another level I am concerned that the rating might have been improved with a little use of a spell checker.

I know a spell checker will get hung up on proper names, slang and colloquial speech. So I ask if the less than excellent rating is related to such things in the case of this book.

This particular book took some time getting off step 1. Perhaps the validator wants to speak about anything making working on this book problematic.

Please take all of this as concern for the collection rather than complaining.


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