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Dear Booksharian Friends,

There are two library book sales coming up this weekend. In the interest of making space, I'm giving away some audiobooks on regular cassette. Please let me know which you'd like. It's mostly first come first served, though I may divide requests so more people get some instead of one person getting all. These are retired Akron Library books.

I've just read the first book on the list and loved it. It's two families competing to adopt the infant of their children who died in a car accident. The reader is calm and clear. She's among the best I've heard. The story is also the best I've read on this topic. And so moving. It's by Jacqueline Mitchard who wrote The Deep End of the Ocean. Neither of the families are bad people and both want the little girl for valid reasons. This is a very human, touching story of the characters and values of families.

A Theory of Relativity Jacquelyn Mitchard 9 tapes

The Veiled One by Ruth Rendell, 8 tapes, suspense, I believe Barbara Vine is her other pen name.

False Memory, Dean Koontz, I like his values and he loves golden retrievers and dogs as I do, but this one is too spooky and mean for me. 12 tapes

N is for Noose by Sue Grafton 6 tapes

P is for Peril Sue Grafton 8 tapes

Kensey Milhone is one of my favorite series though someone ought to teach that woman how to shop and dress. I like her observations on people and life in general. I've read these in braille which I prefer over audio when possible and time permitting.

Where There's A Will by Rex Stout, Nero Wolfe 6 tapes

The Last Detective by Robert Crais 6 tapes, I didn't read because it didn't sound girly enough for me.

We're going to have to scramble to keep ahead of the out sourcers. Linger on a book, and poof, it could be added before you can check it in. With that in mind, I'm going back to proofreading Zoey Fools Around, a soap operish teenage romance.

I had cabbage, noodles and Kielbasa, which is a foreign dish whose name I've forgotten, and, of course boiled eggs and some chocolate. Hope your Easter dinners are settling nicely.

Happy volunteering, Happy reading and Happy Easter!

Always with love,

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