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Welcome back Carrie!  Glad to see it all went well.


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  Yes!  The Hadley people are all REALLY nice, very dedicated to helping 
print-impaired individuals.  I want to put the Hadley course catalog on 
Bookshare pretty soon.  It's already available on their website, but I thought 
it would be nice to have it available through Bookshare too.


  "Shelley L. Rhodes" <juddysbuddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    Awesome! And Hadley is a fantastic! program, I am really glad that they are 
    partnering with Bookshare!

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    Hi gang,

    As you know, I'm in Winnetka, Illinois at the Hadley School for the Blind, 
    training the staff members to become Bookshare volunteers. Today 2 blocks 
    away, there's a HUGE rummage sale (busloads of people are trucked in to 
    so I perused the book section and picked up 8 Agatha Christie's that aren't 
    in the collection. Wahoo!!! I'll bring them back to the office and process 
    them when I can. It may be several weeks before I can get to them, but be 
    patient, they'll be in the collection sooner or later.

    The 8 books are:
    Hallowe'en Party (no, it's not a mistake, the title has an apostrophe 
    between the 2 e's)
    Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective
    Murder with Mirrors
    One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
    The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories
    The Secret of Chimneys
    The Thirteen Problems


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