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If you know that the only thing bold in the book are these section headings, then you can use Word find and replace (though the instructions may seem almost as long as your message, it is much quicker than doing thousands of individual changes). As always before doing something that could turn the book to garbage, do a save as to a new file name.

So to convert all cases of 12 point bold to 14 point bold ....

In the find box put ^?
then alt-m to get to a button called more, which will make the dialog have more choices type alt-u to toggle Use wildcards, then type alt-o to get to a drop down menu,
the first item on that menu is font so just hit return to go there
that brings up the typical font dialog except this dialog has some extra bits
like under font style you can choose not bold and not italic
type alt-y to get to the font style section, then down arrow to bold,
then type alt-s to get to the font size section of the dialog box and arrow down to 12
now hit return to select OK and exit the dialog box
then type alt-i to go to the replace box, in the replace box put ^&
once again type alt-o to get to the format drop down menu and hit enter to select the first menu item font once again type alt-y to get to the font style section and then down arrow to bold once again hit alt-s to get to the font size section and arrow down to 14 this time.
and once again hit return to select OK and exit the font dialog box.
Now all you have to do is type alt-a to replace all.

I hope this works for you. I at least hope it doesn't get your book bounced back from the admin queue because dozens of pages are all bold.


On 7/30/2011 8:41 AM, Bob W wrote:
Thanks Mayrie.
When I finish with all this I will go back and bold the title and parts. However, right now bolding is the only thing that separates the two thousand "chapters" is the fact that they are bolded, so I'm going to leave them that way until I figure out what to do with them.
Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Bob,
    Title of the book should be in bold at 20 point. Parts should be
    bold at 18 point. Chapters should be bold at 16 point, and
    sections within chapters should be bold and 14 point with the body
    at 12 point not bolded.  If the sections within chapters aren't
    larger than the body of the text of the book, daisy navigation
    won't work.  Unfortunately, I don't know how to do the things
    you'd like to do.  I'd either look for white space, or on each
    number using the find dialogue and fix them all that way.
    Hope you find a way to fix daisy navigation that you can live with.

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    This message is rather long, so if you haven't had more than two
    cups of coffee, reading this at this time is unadvisable.
    I am proof reading "forging the stream of consciousness" (I forget
    the author).
    Let me say that this is an excellent scan. I forget the scannor
    too (those brain cells are going quickly), but this is, I believe
    a new scannor, and they did a wonderful job with the scan.
    This book is definitely not my cup of tea, but I take pride in
    doing all kinds of books whether I like them or not. Some of them
    are really challenging, but most are basically boring.
    Okay, here's my question. This has to do with daisy navigation.
    This book has two parts parts I and II along with an afterward by
    the author. I have set these to font size 16. Each part is broken
    into multiple subparts. Some of the subparts are one paragraph
    long, and some go on for a page or two. However, there are about
    two thousand of these subparts. Right now the numbers for these
    subparts are set to times new roman size 12 ppi. But they are the
    only thing in the book that is bolded.
    Should I even bother with these subparts? I would like to set them
    to times new roman font size 14. But I fear that the large number
    of these subparts might make it difficult to navigate the book
    Finally, if I/we decide that this is indeed a challenge worth
    accepting how should I go about it? I am not going to (find bolded
    text, select it, and raise the font size to fourteen points) two
    thousand times. I consider this a challenge, not a life's goal.
    I think there should be a way to automate this set of commands. I
    have Microsoft word 2003 and Kurzweil 1000v12. I also have a
    program called autohotkey which might help out here.
    Unfortunately, I am basically dumb. I can't write word macros
    which might do the trick, nor do I know enough about autohotkey to
    do the job without a learning curve.
    So, if someone out there in volunteer land has experience with
    word's macro capabilities, or can use autohotkey, or knows of
    something else that might work, would you get in touch with me at
    rwiley45@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:rwiley45@xxxxxxxxxxx>?
    p.s. See, reading that wasn't so bad was it?

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