[bksvol-discuss] for Nancy: Blank Lines and Paragraph Marks

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  • Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2009 07:36:16 -0400

Below is a message regarding the issue with lines and paragraphs. My hunch
is that it's just got to do with saving the files with a different extention
than .kes.


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Just a guess, but it sounds like you are honoring line endings. That is a
setting in the reading settings dialog. The default is to ignore them. When
they are honored, each original end of line in a scanned document is turned
into an end of paragraph, and each original end of paragraph is doubled.
This is done not in the actual underlying file, but whenever a page is
displayed. It's a good setting for poetry, for example, where normal
paragraph rules don't work very well. In general, though, you want this
setting turned off.


Another possibility is that you are continually saving this file as a text
file. Paragraph decisions have to be remade every time you load a text file,
because text files don't distinguish between end of line and end of
paragraph. You should normally save files as KES files, using other formats
mainly when you have to send the file to another device, or use it in
another program.




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