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Many thanks for posting this, Doug. I'm about to start on my Hitlerbook that 
has  lots of footnotes, so I'm glad that what you describe, which is the way 
I've done it in the past, is o.k. (Also, I put the footnotes in 8 point 
(because I put illustration descriptions  and captions in 10 point; If 

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> From: Doug Maples <wdmaples@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: [bksvol-discuss] footnotes at the bottom of the page - again
>At some point it was decided that at the bottom of the page, or the end of
>the chapter, or wherever the footnote text is written out to refer back to
>the numbers in the body of the text; we were told to place them as follows:
>[Begin footnotes:
>1 this is the first footnote
>2 this is the second footnote
>... etc.
>end footnotes]
>Please do not follow this form! No, it's not because I can't stand it, it's
>simply because it does not work after going through the Bookshare tool. I
>have done this on a couple books and the final product leaves off the last
>line with the:
>end footnotes]
>After discussing this with Carrie and Alisa and Madeleine, I have been told
>I could go back to the old way of simply putting brackets around the section
>of footnotes at the bottom of the page. There is no need to tell the people
>that you are beginning footnotes and ending footnotes. They simply need to
>be separated from the rest of the text and have the numbers in front of the
>text for that particular footnote. Very clean and simple! Hey - even if you
>just put three asterisks on a single line before the section of footnotes
>and left off the brackets, that would separate them from the body of text.
>That's all anybody needs when reading the book. They just simply need to
>know that the last paragraph or sentence is finished, and something
>different is coming up next.
>Thank you to the Bookshare staff for clearing this up!
>- Doug
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