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According to the Manual, you don't have to fiddle with font size. The only 
reason I even asked the question was that I had not seen it anywhere in there.\

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  Thanks, Amy.

  It sounds like that as a scanner I really don't need to fiddle with font 
size.  Does that sound right?

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    There are many reasons to change the font and its size even with usable 
vision. Usable and comfortable or easy are not the same. I can see normal texts 
size and print but not for long and not without getting a migraine.  Whatever 
reason you have to change, the end result will be back in the original of the 
book. When you decide on all the settings you want, remember to  "save 
settings" and when you get back to work on the book don't forget to "load 
settings" or you will be back at the book without the changes you made in the 
settings. It does not matter what you label the settings you use as long as you 
remember what it is. I sometimes use the same settings for more than one book 
to save bothering to reset them each time. The program does not care as long as 
you use the same settings every time you work on or read that book. 

    Under Display, you have a sub-menu for single font and you can check that 
and have one font with the size  ; bein g the original of both. If for some 
reason you wish to change these you can do it there. Even if you change it, 
when you submit the book it will be back in  the original but you can work in a 
font and size  easier for you to read.  Otherwise, leave single font unchecked 
and use the magnification .

    Within the book itself, if the font is normal in the scan where it should 
be italicized or bold for just a section of a few words,highlight those words, 
go to edit, down to format, then click on font and you can click italics or 
bold. After those are changed, Click back so that nothing is highlighted and 
you should be back to normal text.

    I know there is a way to do this without sight using contol or alt and but 
I don't know how. You will need someone else for that. Sorry.


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