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  • Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 03:49:37 -0500

Hey Cindy,
Ah, that must have been it. I did login to the site, and then click on the
link, but I bet when I did, it opened a new browser and so BookShare didn't
recognize me as being logged in. This time I copied and pasted the link into
my browser after logging in and it worked perfectly, or at least the numbers
seem to match up better.

    Skip a grade? Nope, I don't know if I would have wanted to do that.
There's something about being with your own age group. In fact, there's a
"gifted" middle school in my city's district and they talked about me going,
but my parents thought I would have enough new things to learn/improve like
braille. My mom ironically was also invited but her mom thought a regular
school would suit her best as well. (she doesn't have any kind of visual

    Interestingly enough I am for once older than a few of my friends. My
birthday being in May makes me one of the later ones for my year, but a good
friend I made this year has a birthday in September. Thus he came to college
at 17, not something you see much of :-)

Thanks again,
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> Hi, Jake,
> Did you log in when you went searching for books?
> Books rated Adult won't show up unless you log in. I'm
> assuming that you're over 18, since yo're now a
> sophomore, but of course I could be wrong. Yu could be
> one of those especially smart ones who skipped a grade
> or two and are in college at a younger age.
> Cindy
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