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I say definitely we will do it.

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Definitely.  Based on past performance, We should hit 30,000 somewhere
around the first week of November, give or take a week.  Say 4 to 6 weeks
from today.

BTW, querying the collection this morning using Advanced Search shows the
following totals:

English books - 28,622

Spanish books - 1045

That's a total of 29667.  If I remember correctly, there's 167 remotely
available books in the collection which Gustavo doesn't include in his
count, so that makes his count an even 29,500 at the moment.

Last year we averaged 100 books per week, so around 5 weeks should do it.



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Hi To All
I would just like to point out that bookshare currently has 29,300 books on
the site and about 500 in the proccess of getting on the site. My question
is, what to you think/ could we get 30000 bu the end of the year?



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