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Obviously she hasn't heard of Chafee.

did you pass this on to the Publisher relation person?

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  Hi, all.

  I received this message from Katharine Webber, the author of Triangle, which 
I recently submitted to the collection. She is apparently displeased that her 
book is in the collection.

  I tried to explain that bookshare is not illegal. Here is what she says:

  Scanning pages of a book that is copyright and
  therefore protected intellectual property, and then
  ndistributing those pages to other people through a
  website, is a violation of the copyright law. Very
  specifically, you are stealing income from me, the
  author of TRIANGLE and other novels. 

  What you are doing is theft. Do you mind that? Would
  you steal a meal in a restaurant, would you steal
  services from your plumber?  If you had no idea it was
  illegal, now you know. Surely you do know this?
  keep doing it and to wait to be prosecuted? 

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