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Hi.  I was just wondering if fictionWise had published books or if it was
only an independent.  What I mean is, can I find the current bestsellers
there or other popular books?

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> Hi Lisa,
> I have gotten a lot of books from fictionwise.com. The secure formats
> are not accessable, but if the book is "multiformat", they are fine.
> What I do is get the books in .pdb format, convert those to text,
> translate them into braille if I choose and read them on my braille
> lite. There are several other formats to choose from too that can be
> converted into .txt. As long as you get the multiformat books, you'll
> be okay, and they have a huge selection of them. Happy reading.
> Pam
> >Hello all.
> >
> >I was just wondering if anyone knows of a place I can purchase e-books
that are accessible.  I remember someone saying in the past that many of the
e-books found in .pdf format were not accessible.  I think, if my memory
serves me well, that the discussion mentioned amazon.com as a website in
which the e-books were not accessible.  Is there any place I can get
accessible ones?  My intention is to purchase an e-book and then translate
it into .brf and read it with my braille lite. Can anyone help?  Thanks in
> >
> >Lisa

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