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I have had the same problem--ironically, with Tolkien books. I have to click on his name to bring up a list of all the books he has written, as searching for J. R. R. Tolkien just doesn't cut it. I can not come up with a conceivable reason as to why this would occur.


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When I finished reading The Justice by Angela Hunt I checked
Bookshare to see if it was in the collection. If not I was going to scan it before I took it back to the library.

I searched for Angela Hunt and came up with a list of her
books, but not The Justice. But then I remembered Monica said she'd read the book and I thought surely if Monica had read it and it wasn't in the collection, she would have scanned it. So I did a search for Justice and came up with lots and lots of books, and sure enough, one was by Angela Hunt. But it was listed as Angela Elwell Hunt. My book only said by Angela Hunt. So apparently you have to know the exact author name if you're going to search by author.

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