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I didn't know you could do that. Thanks. I would reserve the adult status for graphic descriptions of sex and violence. Should 1984 have it? We were all supposed to read it in highschool and God knows it has bloodchilling scenes. So does Rise and Fall of the Third Reich in the chapter on the concentration camps, but I read that in highschool. I'm not sure I'd want highschoolers to read Hostage to the Devil, but in my day we read Andersonville and that was no picnick. But, Slander, Al Gore's books, Tom Heartman's, Laura Ingraham's, Limbaugh's are reasonable fair for anyone in late junior/highschool and the only reason I don't think kids should read them is that it would be a waste of their time, not because of the content. If we start flagging this, do we flag Mill, the Wasserstrum readers on various philosophical and political subjects? I don't think so. How about Gulliver's Travels?

This is a game which anyone can play. I wouldn't want an accident to turn into a policy and the only way we prevent that is by stopping it asap.

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Gary, when you are validating a book, the Bookshare tool scans your
uploaded book for adult content and makes a recommendation about whether
it should be marked as adult. As you move down the form, you can uncheck
the adult content box if the Bookshare tool flags your book as adult
content by mistake. If the submitter rated the book as adult and the
Bookshare tool agrees, unchecking the adult content box probably isn't a
great idea. It can be done though if you have read the book and don't
think it has adult content. You can also leave a comment in the comments
section of the form about why you don't think the adult flag is correct
if the automated Bookshare tool says it's adult content.

Monica Willyard

Gary Petraccaro wrote:
Explain how to over ride.


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