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Dear Natasha,

My! My! I never expected such a quick, generous, response. An e mail will be 
arrive for you in 5 minutes.

Always With Love,

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  I'd be willing to do the following:
  The Cat On My Shoulder Writers and Their Cats edited by Lisa Angowski Royak
  Ranch of Dreams by Cleveland Amory
  Only A Novel by Winston Groom
  Maya's First Rose Diary of a Very Special Love - Martin Scot Kosins 

  Send me an email off list and i'll send you my snail mail. Email is below my 

  Natasha & Fossey

  "Footsteps in the snow 
  suggest where you have been, 
  Point where you are going,
  But where they suddenly vanish,
  Never dismiss the possibility of flight."
    ~Book of Night With Moon, ch. 11, V. 3
       ~ as quoted in A Wizard Alone, by Diane Duane

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