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  • Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 22:58:07 -0400

Dear Shelley and volunteers who love pets,

I have the following books I'd be willing to mail to anyone who would be willing to scan them. Feel free to ask for only one or just those that interest you. I checked and they aren't in the bookshare collection. These are books I've owned a long time, acquiring them knowing I had no way to read them. I still can't convince my scanner to work, but would gladly validate any book any of you volunteer to scan. You needn't return the books because I'd be happier to be able to read them than own them unread.

Oh, I just thought, if I validate them, I might need them back for reference, but I wouldn't mind if it was chopped and would pay return postage, or, when possible I'd get the book from the library.

DAWGS! - an anthology of stories about them - edited by Charles Wright Gray - copyright 1925 - 342 pages - Old hardbound book, faded binding, signed by someone in 1931 , a treasure in my opinion, I'd love to read these stories and especially get excited about reading books like this, published eighty years ago. I'm always sad when a book goes out of print and then slowly vanishes.

Julian's Cat an imaginary history of a cat of destiny by Mary E Little - copyright 1989 - hardcover 121 pages - seems intriguing

The Cat On My Shoulder Writers and Their Cats edited by Lisa Angowski Royak, copyright 1993, hardcover brand new with perfect dust cover, 179 pages, might be a little complex to scan, has picture pages and little cat icons before the first word on a page and page numbers on the outside margins, left and right of text, but it looks so fabulously interesting to readers and Cat Lovers because many of the writers will be familiar including Cleveland Amory, Lillian Jackson Braun, Sue Grafton, Cokie Roberts, Joyce Carol Oates, Lloyd Alexander, Nancy Pickard and many more.

Ranch of Dreams by Cleveland Amory copyright 1997, large print hard cover with dust cover with one crease, 306 pages, easy scan, Heartwarming, of course. Bookshare has 2 of Amory's books re cats, but not this one.

Only A Novel by Winston Groom, the author of forest gump, copyright 1984, 170 pages hardbound large print, easy scan, I'd absolutely love to read this. The star doggie is called Only because he's the lone survivor in a herd of sheep dogs. Goes in search of the dog he loves named Blossom

The Dog Who Loved Too Much - tales, treatments, and the psychology of Dogs Dr. Nicholas Dodman - brand new oversized paperback - 259 pages - easy scan except maybe chapter and section titles, it is said to be a collection of warm, engaging, sometimes humorous, explanations of some dog behavior problems and how to solve them with chapters like, the fearful dog, and shy and sharp. I am never controlled enough to follow the strict obedience and training regiments. Never a crate in my house until the last dog I rescued who ate a lamp, a carton of canned pop, a 40 dollar hat and so much more.

Why We Love The Dogs We Do - how to find the dog that matches your personality - by Stanley Coren, author of, The Intelligence of Dogs, - copyright 1998 - hardcover large print retired library book, easy scan except for some pages of charts and forms to fill out. I don't always agree with this author, but love reading his books and would have fun finding out if he was right about the dog that would be best for me!

Maya's First Rose Diary of a Very Special Love - Martin Scot Kosins - copyright 1992 - retired library hardcover with very large print - 168 pages, but shorter because the print is so large, the story of the author's love for Maya who lived to be eighteen and whose happiness and love meant everything to the author. I know I'll cry if I read this, but I need to cope better when a pet of mine dies.

Oh, and I have several books about training dogs I'll delve in to by request. I always like the titles better than the actual training!

That's all,

Always With Love,


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