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Hi Susan. Here's the back cover blurb. 
There was no reason on earth why they should ever have met 


Born to privilege and power, Edouard de Chavigny has known life's harshest 
lessons-loss, disillusionment, betrayal. Now he is the ruler of a financial 
empire, a man loved by his friends, ' feared by his rivals, famed for his ease 
in attracting women-and his ease in leaving them.


Helene Craig has grown up in rural Alabama, raised by a British war bride who 
dreams of recapturing the gentle world she has lost-a world symbolized for her 
child in the image of a perfect English garden. But when Helene's illusions die 
in the violence of a hot July afternoon in 1959, she forges a new dream: to be 
rich and free and invulnerable, and some day to exact her revenge.

EDOUARD AND HELENE They meet on a Paris street, and their htv* love seems to 
them undeniable, - ^ inevitable... their destiny. What they cannot know is that 
the paths that ^brought them together started not in Paris, not in Alabama, but 
in London on a night ablaze with Nazi bombs... and that before them lie years 
of public glamour and private pain, of unfoiding truths and enmeshing lies, of 
ambitions : gained and chances lost.

  The story of Edouard and Helene spans three decades-and worlds as disparate 
as the decadent villas of Algiers on the eve of revolution... the South in the 
early days of civil rights unrest.. .the fairy-tale magnificence of a French 
chateau... the sheltered mansions of California film royalty.., the sanctuary 
found at last in an English garden. It is a story rich in finely detailed 
characters: dazzling Lady Isobel, so unlucky in love ... Louise de Chavigny, 
the most envied beauty of her time, pitiless in her vanity .. .Thad Angelini, 
the Hollywood genius obsessed with one woman's face.

  Destiny-it is a novel of hypnotic power, the singular achievement of an 
extraordinary new talent: 

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  What's this one about Julia?


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  Hi list. I won't be scanning Destiny by Sally Beauman after all. I thought 
I'd have more time, but its over eight hundred pages long, and I just don't 
have the time to devote to a book of that size for right now. 
  Anyone feel free to tackle it. 

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