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I've been using dectalk for years and think it is the best available. However, my only objection is that it is not real clear with some of the letters such as c and z and v and things like that. If you do get a newer version I would be interested to know if it is more clear than in the past. Some of the other speech engines are much better with their s's etc. but the voice quality is for the birds. I'm still looking for the perfect voice.

Bud Schwab

At 06:06 PM 2/21/2005, you wrote:
Thank you. I think I myght buy it from Gwmicro. Is the version from gwmicro compataible with all programs or is it only suposed to be used with windoweyes. I am asking this because it is $75.00 while it is about $200 everywhere else.At 06:42 PM 2/21/2005, you wrote:
Hi, David! I use DecTalk Access 32 with both JfW and K1000, and I love it! Personally, I like it better than Eloquence, and I've found it to be just as responsive. Besides, Eloquence mispronounces my name. It calls me Jonna instead of Janna. My name is spelled with one N, and Eloquence has been guilty of changing it. <LOL> Seriously, though, I definitely think Dectalk is well worth the money, if it's in your budget. <Smile> Take care!


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Hello. I am thinking about purchassing a copy of dectalk access32. I am using kurzweil 1000 with viavoice, but I am wondering if the new dectalk access32 is worth the money. Thanks.

Bud Schwab
W 6 Z Y P
Malibu, California

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