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Dear E, Cindy and Kellie Hartman,

Thanks for looking out for Death Comes for the Archbishop. Except for writing the long synopsis, I had finished validating it including a double check on pagination last night. Since Gustavo sometimes works on a last in, last out basis, I plan to upload it on Monday so it may be near the last book uploaded when he sets to work. This is just me using guesswork to put the Archbishop in a good spot to be approved quickly. It could work, or not, but I enjoy the idea my timing could work in the book's favor.

I can't say I understand why Cather chose the title, "Death Comes for the Archbishop. The book is all about his life, and the death isn't a crisis; it's calm and attended with love. The book reads more like a group of related short stories with the arid landscape of New Mexico and the characters of the Archbishop and his friend of almost a lifetime, Father Vaillant, being the most constant elements. There was unexpected and most welcome humor in many of the tales and a satisfying cast of colorful characters from the most base, to the most noble, from the faithless to the faithful, and the most sensible, to the most ridiculous.

Sadly the Archbishop observes the waning of the Indian culture and population. Unlike many missionaries we read about who relentlessly hammer away at a native population's belief system, the Archbishop respects Indian beliefs. Though he feels he will never understand the mindset of the Indians completely, he is honored at every glimpse he has of their faith in which they treat the earth and its creatures with profound respect. His zeal is for practicing Catholics in need of churches and priests.

This novel will fascinate any reader. It may also comfort Catholics today who have been cringing at the revelation that some priests have grievously abused the trust of the faithful.

As a resident of Ohio who loves her state, I have to add that it stung when Cather mentioned Ohio in passing as a dreary, unkempt place, by inference, much inferior to the southwest! I object!

Hmm, looks like part of that long synopsis is written.

Thank you Kellie, for keeping the Archbishop on hold for me. A few days ago with cooler weather here I got over enthusiastic with yard work and reinjured my left rotocuff. If shoulders could see stars, mine saw the whole galaxy last week. A couple of weeks ago it was Amber's arms. Who's next?

Always with love,


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