[bksvol-discuss] dealing in futures two garbled pages

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  • Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 12:36:14 -0600

Hey Paul Edwards and others willing to help,

Pages 270 and 271 of Dealing IN Futures by Joe Haldeman has two garbled
Pages 270 and 271

Seems as if a rescan would help immensely with these pages

Paul, if you have the book still, can you rescan these pages and send them
to me?  If not, can someone help out.

Here's the copyright page excerpt.  I can't find an isbn because this seems
to be a book club edition.

Copyright C Joe Halderrran, 1975, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1985 All rights

First published in 1985 by Viking Penguin Inc. Published simultaneously in

Acknowledgment is made to the following publications in which some of the
stories in this book first appeared: Alien Stars, Baen Books, edited by
Elizabeth Mitchell: "Seasons"; A mazing: "You Can Never Go Back"; A nalog:
"A Tangled Web"; Dark Forces, edited by Kirby McCauley: "Lindsay and the Red
City Blues"; Destinies, edited by James Baen: 'The Pilot"; Magazine of
Fantasy & Science Fiction: "Manifest Destiny"; Omni: "No Future in It" and
"Saul's Death"; Playboy: "'Blood Sisters" and "More Than the Sum of His
Parts"; Pulpsmith: 'The Big Bang Theory Explained"; Thieves' World, edited
by Robert Asprin; "Blood Brothers"; Twilight Zone: "Seven and the Stars." 
Printed in the United States of America Designed by Robin Hessel

Can any one help?


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