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I think you need to use your conscience on this one. As I said, when we had 
a long discussion about this over a year ago, there was a strong argument 
made that replacing the em dash with a double hyphen - despite the fact that 
it did not translate properly in Braille - was an alteration of the book; 
and as such, should be avoided in the spirit of trying to maintain the 
authenticity of the books placed in the collection as much as possible.

I can see the reasoning behind that, but the argument could also be made 
that the Bookshare processing itself does damage to the authenticity of at 
least the Braille versions by not translating the em dash properly, among 
other things such as not observing blank lines and (somehow) not including 
italicized type. It could be claimed, I think legitimately, that one is 
undoing some of this damage by changing the em dashes to double hyphens, or 
by trying to indicate blank lines.

But then on the other hand, if Braille readers are a minority, then you 
could argue that by changing the em dash to a double hyphen, you are 
reducing the authenticity of the print version for a majority for the 
benefit of increasing it for a minority.

On the other other hand, I have heard that a double hyphen does not look 
substantially different from an em dash, so how many sighted people would 
really notice, or having noticed, really care all that much?.

I hope I have stated the arguments on both sides fairly and have not 
forgotten anything important.

Finally, it is really not a major issue as far as I am concerned, which is 
why I think you need to use your conscience.


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  Ok I guess I am still confused about the em dash situation. It doesn't 
translate properly but that's ok?

  I don't care either way but I just want what I scan to be right.

  Jamie in Michigan
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